About Us

The Aubrey Equestrian Center is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and NARHA member center that provides therapeutic horeseback riding and experiential psychotherapy using horses. These two approaches provide a unique opportunity for children and adults to grow and learn outside of a traditional office environment.

Sharon Scandrett Hibdon, RN, PhD, created the Aubrey Equestrian Center after dreaming for 15 years of providing such a therapy service. Introduced to the concept of incorporating horses into psychotherapy sessions in Tuscon, Arizona, at Tapa Tao Center, she knew immediately that this is what she wanted to do. Her ranch was perfectly situated to offer such a program in a quiet, restful environment. As a NARHA-certified instructor, she combines her 30 years of psychotherapy experience along with her nursing and healing knowledge to facilitate learning and healing with the aide of horses.

Assistants include Stephanie Stegmaier, a physical therapist, and Diane Hacket, an herbalist, who are both equestrians. Other equestrian volunteers include Kathy Ludlum, Therese Progar, and Laura Swim.

Believing that all things are possible... amazing things come true!